If you are not a software or game developer, please contact us here.

Because Modal was born from an independent software studio, our founders understand the challenges most software developers face every day.  Soon, we will be placing Modal Developer Editions directly in the hands of developers, providing our community with countless new opportunities for creating truly amazing things and generating revenue in new ways. 

Rapid Development
Modal experiences are created with existing industry-standard tools such as Unity 3D®, Unreal Engine®, Autocad®, and Sketchup®.  Developers across all industries can move at light speed to get their innovative solutions and experiences to market.

Simple Publishing
Developers can quickly and easily upload their Modal application to the Modal Command Center™, making it available to the entire Modal community or only select users.

Exceptional Monetization
Modal offers a unique method and fresh opportunity for developers to create valuable products across countless industries. Unlike consumer software, successful enterprise software directly contributes to an organization's bottom line, allowing developers to charge accordingly for their software.

Free Membership
We are currently taking applications from devs interested in participating in the Modal Pilot Program.

• Modal VR is not a consumer product.  Although not yet priced, a Developer Edition (Core System) will cost more than $10,000.  

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• Additional visors and body tracking suits beyond the Core System will initially be limited in number and will not be available to all accepted applicants.

• Accepted applicants will be invited to purchase a Developer Edition when it becomes available.

• The initial wave of kits will be extremely limited.  We keep all applicants updated and well informed of where we are in the production and shipping process.

•We will be shipping kits as they become available.  Invitations may not be sent out in the order in which applications were received.

• Kits are available in English only at this time.

• Please visit the FAQ section for more information.