Q: Can I buy a Modal VR system for my home?
A: Modal VR for home use is likely cost-prohibitive and would require slightly more technical know-how than a typical consumer electronic device. We are focused on enterprise applications and typically only sell to other companies. We expect consumers will encounter Modal VR™ through the experiences our partners offer, whether it be gaming, education, training, eSports, mixed-reality television programming, etc.

Q: When can I purchase a Modal VR system?
A: We will soon be announcing the launch of our Beta program and begin shipping Modal VR Developer Editions to partners and software developers.

Q: As a developer, does creating Modal VR experiences require learning a new software program or graphics engine?
A: No. You can easily create Modal VR™ applications with existing tools such as Unity 3D® and Unreal Engine®.

Q: How big of an area will Modal VR support?
A: A single VR Fabricator™ can yield up to 900,000 sq. ft.  However, multiple VR Fabricators can be networked via LAN or internet, giving you almost limitless possibilities.

Q: Will my existing VR equipment work with Modal VR
A: No.  Only Modal VR™ compatible hardware will work with a Modal VR™ system. However, third party hardware developers are encouraged to build and sell licensed accessories and peripherals for Modal VR™.

Q: What are the exact hardware and software specifications for components of the system?
A: As with any company, prior to shipping systems, the exact specs for hardware and software are not yet final. Thus, we don't want to publish precise specs until they are final.