Modal can be set up almost anywhere in just minutes.  Optional battery power further enhances system flexibility in the field. 


Blazing fast tracking speeds of under ten milliseconds of latency help power an incredible level of immersion.


Each VR Fabricator™ can host up to ten users at once.  Multiple VR Fabricators™ can be networked locally or over the internet to support exponentially more users.


Our completely tetherless and lightweight gear enables a comfortable and free-roaming virtual reality experience like nothing before.


Sub-millimeter tracking precision allows for full-body articulation and exacting physical expression.


Modal can track multiple users in areas up to 900,000 sq. ft. per instance. Additional instances can be networked for larger areas, such as theme parks and municipalities.



VR Fabricator™

Connected to a PC or Mac running the Modal Command Center, this unit provides the infrastructure for Modal experiences.  

Powering up to ten users at once (per unit), the VR Fabricator™ manages positioning, full-body motion tracking, multi-user interactivity, and voice communications – all with very low latency. 

Licensed accessories and peripherals work with the VR Fabricator to extend the system in a myriad of creative ways.  Each system can be networked via LAN or WAN to meet larger demands. The rack-mountable unit can also be run entirely on battery power for maximum flexibility in the field.



A completely wireless, lightweight, and comfortable virtual reality visor that delivers high-fidelity graphics, voice communications and 3D audio. Rechargeable battery power allows for hours of continuous use per charge.


Full-Body Tracking Suit

Perfect for tools and applications that require next-level immersion, the optional tracking suit enables real-time body articulation (including hands) with super-fast and extremely accurate tracking.  Each user’s motion tracking data during an experience can be recorded, allowing for later analysis or creative uses. 


Modal Command Center™

Running on a Mac or PC connected to the VR Fabricator™, the Modal Command Center™ application gives Modal system owners the ability to quickly and easily purchase, download and install Modal applications. The Command Center also provides a simple interface for configuring and launching applications as well as managing Modal system settings.